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Homemade baby food
Give your baby the best you can!
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9th-Sep-2009 05:14 pm - What is this thingy?
gleeful LB
My MIL picked up a neato strainer type thing at a garage sale. It's a metal cone with holes like a colander, but smaller holes than a colander usually has. It has a stand with a ring that the cone sits in, and a wooden conical pestle for shoving food through it. It gets the fibers out of applesauce in no time flat and is much easier to clean than a wire mesh strainer. What's it called, do they still make them and where can I get one?

Also, is there any reason not to season baby food with spices (not salt or sugar) if the baby likes it that way?
30th-Apr-2009 12:16 pm - Lentil baby food?
We have a couple bags of lentils that I have, ( dried) that I was thinking of cooking and making some of it into babyfood. Wyatt is 8 months. Any recipes that could introduce him to some good new flavors? We want to start trying new spices and flavors- we started with some cinnamon in the fruits. So far, he likes that. I just don't want him to be as picky as my daughter!
Other than plain pureed lentils... any ideas??
23rd-Feb-2009 12:56 am - food reaction or teething?
i'm stressed because my mother is basicly breathing down my neck saying i need to get my son to the ped ASAP, but it just seems like teething/reaction to a solid

DS is almost 24 weeks old, breastfed, has been eating purred veggies for 3 weeks (ped already OK'd at 4 months, we waited because we wanted to do 6 months or longer before introducing but couldn't refuse his readyness anymore when he tried taking food out of our mouths and tried to put it in his to gnaw on),

Basicly, Friday my son woke up with red dots on his cheek, kida looks like heat rash. Figured it was from crib sheet being spit up on in his sleep, then rubbing his face in it like the goofy little boy he is. changing his diaper later that day, noticed he has a slight rash on right side of his sack and leg crease, in the spot where his penis always ends up pointing no matter how many times i point him down while changing him. let him dry out, have some naked time, then applied diaper rash cream and diapered him. He's been fussier than usual, tired but wakes up after about ten minutes, and cries like he's in pain unless he's chewing something. I've felt his gums, and it feels like a tooth is coming in on the left bottom, like where the fangs are, and he's been running a slight temperature, so i just give him a half dose of tylonal before nursing to sleep last night and tonight, which ped had already OK'd when i asked at last appointment about fevers and dosage. and today he has been super spit-upy, which is unusual for him.

is my mother over reacting, or am i under reacting? we're going to stop with the solids for a week or two see if it is the foods causeing the rash, but is this anything i need to worry about?

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ETA: temp last check was 5 degrees above normal, but still under 100 F,
he's had a squash a lot recently, as he took to it extremely well and we have lots of it since a relative just gave us a bunch of food since their kid out grew purees, so maybe that's it?
17th-Feb-2009 01:54 am - Blenders
Ashley: Mommy's Angel
Do all of you use a blender to puree your baby food?

My daughter is 7 months old and we started solid foods a little after 6 months. So far she has had: sweet potato, green beans, squash, banana, and applesauce. I haven't been using a blender though... I have just used a ford and smashed everything up really well. She hasn't had any problems with it with the foods we have tried so far. Will this become a problem with other foods?
Okinawan Paradise
I was looking at the wholesome baby food site and it says you can make oatmeal... which is great... but can it be frozen? I mean, it seems silly to make a ton of oatmeal or something and then not save it :P.

So... if your baby shows s/he is full after nursing, how are you supposed to introduce solids? I mean, if my daughter is full, I'm not going to force her to eat solids, obviously... so how does one go about incorporating solids?  She nurses roughly every 2 1/2 - 3 hours, sometimes a little more in the evening if she's in a cluster-feeding mood. She's 5 months old. I swear, I wish I remembered how I did it with my first daughter, but she's 4 and it seems I've forgotten a lot. Plus, she was formula fed practically from birth, so it's much different now since I'm nursing my second daughter :P.
26th-Jan-2009 06:56 pm - Kohlrabi!
krys - peek a boo
I don't know if anyone else has tried kohlrabi yet with their babies, but my son loved it! I'd never really tried it until I moved overseas. I know it is somewhat available in the US and the UK.

Kohlrabi tastes and has the texture similar to a broccoli stem but it is a member of the cabbage family. They sort of look like a crazy space satellite (especially if you buy one without the leaves). Wikipedia has a great article on it here. If you've never prepared a kohlrabi, the easiest way to do it is to start by slicing of the woody bottom, and then using a vegetable peeler, peel off the rest of the skin. Then you can dice it and steam it (or do a stir-fry! mm!).

For my son, I steamed both the vegetable and the leaf and pureed them together. He really liked it and I'll definitely make it again for him.
23rd-Jan-2009 09:38 pm(no subject)
I have just started introducing solids to my son. So far we have tried avocado and plain yogurt (YoBaby) and plan on introducing banana next. So far it is pretty easy to plan on what he is going to eat at meal times because there isn't much to choose from, but I was wondering how you plan out what your baby is going to eat or if you do at all. I am the type like that likes to have everything organized and I like to plan, but I wanted some tried and true advice. I don't know anyone IRL who makes their own baby food, so this community has been very helpful! TIA
18th-Jan-2009 10:42 am - Eggs...
At our 9 month visit, my son's pediatrician suggested we could start eggs, since he's shown no evidence of allergies to anything else. He said to start out just giving him the yolk of a hardboiled egg, and then moving on to scrambled eggs and baby omlettes if he's fine with the yolk. Only problem is... I don't know how to fix eggs. They taste really gross to me and give me digestive issues, so I don't eat them. My husband loves them though, and I really wish I *could* eat them, so I do want to try Derek on them.

So what kinds of things do you make with eggs for babies and toddlers? I can hardboil one, but beyond that, I'm stuck.
14th-Dec-2008 03:05 pm - I LOVE WILLIAMS-SONOMA


Beaba Babycook

The French baby-food maker that has won praise throughout Europe is finally available to American families. This compact countertop appliance multitasks as a steamer, blender, warmer and defroster to prepare fresh, healthy meals for baby. It starts by steam cooking vegetables, fruits, meat and fish in less than 15 minutes, preserving their vitamins and flavors, then purees or blends them to your desired consistency. You can also use it to quickly reheat or defrost precooked foods.
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