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Homemade baby food
Give your baby the best you can!
26th-Jan-2009 06:56 pm
krys - peek a boo
I don't know if anyone else has tried kohlrabi yet with their babies, but my son loved it! I'd never really tried it until I moved overseas. I know it is somewhat available in the US and the UK.

Kohlrabi tastes and has the texture similar to a broccoli stem but it is a member of the cabbage family. They sort of look like a crazy space satellite (especially if you buy one without the leaves). Wikipedia has a great article on it here. If you've never prepared a kohlrabi, the easiest way to do it is to start by slicing of the woody bottom, and then using a vegetable peeler, peel off the rest of the skin. Then you can dice it and steam it (or do a stir-fry! mm!).

For my son, I steamed both the vegetable and the leaf and pureed them together. He really liked it and I'll definitely make it again for him.
26th-Jan-2009 06:09 pm (UTC)
Thanks for posting this. I've never had this myself but am going to try it this week because I know my local grocery store carries it.
26th-Jan-2009 06:31 pm (UTC)
definitely do! and then google some recipes for kohlrabi for yourself. It is really yummy! I've done a ham stuffed kohlrabi, and I've chopped it and pan seared it with mustard and curry, and I've put it in stir-fry. For the baby I still do it plain, of course. :)
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