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Homemade baby food
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food reaction or teething? 
23rd-Feb-2009 12:56 am
i'm stressed because my mother is basicly breathing down my neck saying i need to get my son to the ped ASAP, but it just seems like teething/reaction to a solid

DS is almost 24 weeks old, breastfed, has been eating purred veggies for 3 weeks (ped already OK'd at 4 months, we waited because we wanted to do 6 months or longer before introducing but couldn't refuse his readyness anymore when he tried taking food out of our mouths and tried to put it in his to gnaw on),

Basicly, Friday my son woke up with red dots on his cheek, kida looks like heat rash. Figured it was from crib sheet being spit up on in his sleep, then rubbing his face in it like the goofy little boy he is. changing his diaper later that day, noticed he has a slight rash on right side of his sack and leg crease, in the spot where his penis always ends up pointing no matter how many times i point him down while changing him. let him dry out, have some naked time, then applied diaper rash cream and diapered him. He's been fussier than usual, tired but wakes up after about ten minutes, and cries like he's in pain unless he's chewing something. I've felt his gums, and it feels like a tooth is coming in on the left bottom, like where the fangs are, and he's been running a slight temperature, so i just give him a half dose of tylonal before nursing to sleep last night and tonight, which ped had already OK'd when i asked at last appointment about fevers and dosage. and today he has been super spit-upy, which is unusual for him.

is my mother over reacting, or am i under reacting? we're going to stop with the solids for a week or two see if it is the foods causeing the rash, but is this anything i need to worry about?

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ETA: temp last check was 5 degrees above normal, but still under 100 F,
he's had a squash a lot recently, as he took to it extremely well and we have lots of it since a relative just gave us a bunch of food since their kid out grew purees, so maybe that's it?
24th-Feb-2009 03:47 am (UTC)
I don't think my pediatrician would probably have much to say except to watch it, give him fluids, and stop introducing new foods for a while. That being said, you can always call your pediatrician for a little free advice and tell them you're not really worried but since you'd been advised to check with them, you just wanted to run the symptoms past them and find out at what point they WOULD want you to bring your kid in.... Just a thought.

Personally, I'd be surprised if squash caused a reaction... but anything is possible I suppose!
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