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Homemade baby food

Give your baby the best you can!

Homemade Babyfood
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Hello and welcome to imakebabyfood!

Alot of people seem to think that making homemade baby food is difficult and very time consuming. We're here to show you that not only is making your own baby food best for your child, but it is also easy and economical too!

What you'll need to get started:
A blender or food processor
Vegetable steamer or pressure cooker
Ice cube trays
Freezer bags

Within this community you will find receipes for various mixtures of foods, how to prepare various foods and other tips and tricks involved with making baby food.

Some websites we endorse are Wholesome Baby Food and this great Cuisinart site with some fantastic recipes!

There are a few rules:
1. Respect other members. We're all here for the same purpose and personal attacks on each other's parenting styles will not be tolerated.
2. Community promotion is not forbidden. However, promos must be relevant to the community, baby feeding or parenting in general. Please ask for permission prior to promotion and please only promote once a week so that the community is not flooded.

This community is maintained by brite. Feel free to contact me at anytime.